Direct Response Marketing - About What We Do

DR  Marketing Group offers our customers a variety of creative marketing options for all budget levels that allow them to effectively enter the Direct Marketing space. DR Marketing Group was established as a means for entrepreneurs with new product ideas to test their concepts in the Direct Response market. By leveraging our relationships with our partners, DR Marketing Group makes it possible to enter the market at a very cost effective way. We remove the barriers to entering the DR space and reduce costs by as much as several hundred thousand dollars. Many of our customers come to us with little more than an idea, product prototype, or a small run of product samples which are adequate for testing consumer response. We work hard for our customers, and share their goal of taking their product idea to the next level.

Our revenue model allows us to take on accounts with minimal up-front expenses. In exchange, we become a partner that participates in the revenue and success of the campaign with a percentage of gross sales. We leverage our vendors to reduce cost of goods and to reduce the cost of each sale by working with call centers, media buyers and fulfillment houses. The more successful we are for our customers, the more revenue we generate for ourselves. Our success is your success!

We offer a Turn-Key solution that can help take your product idea and turn it into a successful Direct Response campaign. We provide the industry's most experienced creative professionals with our experience in long and short form infomercial production, TV production, radio, print and internet media placement, merchant processing, call center, fulfillment and customer service setup along with the back office campaign management team that you need to build and create a successful campaign.

We knew nothing about Direct Response and were scared to invest our hard earned money on a gamble. The DR Marketing Group worked with us to hone our message and create a successful campaign from little more than an idea. Other companies talk about becoming partners, but these guys really were our partners!
-- Harry Schulman
CEO of Applica Consumer Products